Official order of the Government of Mongolia

Published: 2017-11-15

Official order of the Government of Mongolia

26 Oct 2017  #01  Ulaanbaatar

Reinforcing accountability and discipline

The Government of Mongolia, for promoting fair, transparent and accountable civil service and reinforcing accountability, order and discipline in the government institutions of all levels, orders following to:

1.  Cabinet members, Governors of aimags and the capital city, Chairpersons of the Government agencies and the leadership of the State owned companies and the entities with public shares:  

1.1  To strengthen the rule of law favorable for citizen: Officials working at all levels of the public service shall adhere to the principles of fairness and justice, strictly follow the public service ethic norms, be impartial, and exercise high proficiency and capability;

1.2   To improve corruption control: Terminate any attempts of taking advantage of public service for private gain on every occasion and firmly combat corruption, red tape and injustice at all levels

1.3 To listen to the public and to strengthen public service accountability: Monitor and promptly respond to public petitions and complaints addressed through the “Government public relations center” and to charge misconduct of civil servants on every occasion;

1.4 To improve public service efficiency: Improve time management and productivity of civil servants, ensure high performance and effectiveness, and strictly follow the rules of conduct;

1.5To ensure policy sustainability: Assure the continuity and sustainability of the public policy as well as the persistence of civil servants, and strengthen the professional public service;

2.  Cabinet members, Governors of aimags and the capital city:

2.1 To reinforce discipline and accountability of public servants, to take prompt actions on any task or issue, to improve performance monitoring and to ensure the adherence of civil service standards;

  2.2 To ensure transparency and openness of the procurement of goods, works and services with state and local funds, and issuance of licenses and other special certificates specified in the legislation. 

2.3 To implement law, rules and regulations of Public Service, to ensure transparency and openness of public organizations, to strengthen good governance and to ensure that the public services are provided without red-tape, delay and ethical misconduct;

2.4To charge the officials, who violated laws and regulations for their faulty actions or misconduct of work on each occasion in accordance with the relevant laws and to report to the relevant authorities and officials, 

 2.5 To evaluate performance agreements and labor contracts of management and staff annually and semi-annually, and to link performance results with incentives and responsibilities

   3. General budget governors at all levels shall improve the quality and effectiveness of public investment, ensure efficiency of targeted spending by minimizing unnecessary expenditures and strictly take austerity measures.

  4. Governors of the capital city and aimags shall improve the coherence between local self-governing bodies and local administrative organizations, and ensure the public service to be delivered promptly without any delay and be accessible via one-stop service.

5. Cabinet members, Governors of aimags and the capital city shall submit the implementation report of this official order by the end of the year.

6. G.Zandanshatar, Minister of Mongolia, Head of the Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this official order.

The Prime Minister of Mongolia   U.Khurelsukh 

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