The second session of Public-Private Consultative Committee was held

Published: 2018-03-23

The second session of Public-Private Consultative Committee was held

The "Public-Private Advisory Committee" consisting of permanent investors under the Protection of Investors Council was established by the order of Head of Cabinet Secretariat. The second meeting of the committee was held on March 22.

One of the priorities of the Government is to protect the interests of investors and to provide legal and legal stability and favorable environment to foreign and domestic investors and to create a sustainable working environment.

The sub-committee is responsible for consulting, providing information and organizing discussions among legal bodies whose legal interest will be touched when formulating investment related legislations and policy documents.

Chairman of the Council on Protection of Investors, Minister of Mongolia and Chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar said: 

-"The public and private consultative committee should establish itself as a stand-alone and permanent mechanism, and private sector and professional associations should lead this mechanism.The Committee responsible for establishing public-private consultative mechanisms to strengthen public-private trust and improve the governance and business environment."

The committee will be chaired by the chief of National Development Agency, whereas  the chairman of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry will work as deputy chief. The committee comprises of representatives of relevant ministries, agencies and non-governmental organizations.  

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