Rio Tinto has filed a statement filed for tax dispute settlement

Published: 2018-03-27

Rio Tinto has filed a statement filed for tax dispute settlement

On March 26, the Fifth meeting of the Investment protection council was held. The meeting discussed Rio's claim on tax dispute resolution to the Government and the Arbitration Center's Stockholm Chamber of Commerce to the "Gobi Coal & Energy" LLC shareholders and complaints from some of the companies. .

The Ministry of Finance on amendments to the Minerals Law, Enterprise Income Tax Law, Land Law, State Registration of Legal Entities, and the Law on State Registration of Entities, as well as the "Law on Trade and Investment of Mongolia and the Americas the Ministry of Foreign Affairs heard information about the measures to be taken in connection with the situation, and made recommendations to relevant ministries.

To discuss issues and private sector engagement at the " Public-Private Partnership Forum" during the Economic Forum of Mongolia to be held on 28th March, organized by the Public and Private Consultative Committee at the Investment Protection Council. discussed.

The meeting discussed the progress of the council and further measures to be taken.

Chairman of the Investment protection Council, G.Zandanshatar, Chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat, said:

- "The Investor's rights protection mechanism has been working for a year and has been working to protect the interests of the investors and to restore confidence.

Currently, the Board has received and submitted 125 complaints, petitions, complaints, and complaints from foreign and domestic organizations and investors. In this case, 52 comments, requests, petitions and complaints from foreign investors were received and resolved by the secretariat.

Investors have a constant mechanism to make a complaint to the government at the level of their protection and to solve their problems. the business owners have expressed their concerns in writing”.

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