Racing horses prohibited to organize from June 1st

Published: 2018-03-27

Racing horses prohibited to organize from June 1st

At its regular meeting on March 27, the Cabinet made following decisions:  

It was prohibited to organize racing horses from June 1st
The Cabinet discussed and approving decrees on some measures to combat animal infectious diseases of Mongolia, Deputy Prime Minister O.Enkhtuvshin.
To prevent the spread of FMD epidemic, it was prohibited to host all horse racing competitions in all provinces and soums until 1 June 2018. In addition, livestock migration has been banned in provinces and soums with FMD cases and diseases found in.
The Government of Mongolia was appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister, State Special Committee, O.Enkhtuvshin, and Governor of provinces and the Capital City, who have violated the law and violated the quarantine regime and not taking relevant measures. 

The 1562-storey apartment building will be commissioned this year
  The construction of a 1562 housing complex in Govi-Altai / 120 /, Dundgovi / 20 /, Orkhon / 315 /, Khuvsgul / 135 / and Ulaanbaatar /972 / was completed at the Development Bank's bank. The Bank has decided to disburse the assets required to complete the building and commission it this year.
Once the buildings have been commissioned, it is necessary to reconsider the transfer of the housing fund to the rented apartment.

16 licenses for production of alcohol were revoked
Based on the comments and conclusions of the "Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry" and the General Agency for Specialized Inspection, 16 licenses for the production of alcoholic beverages were revoked.

The military equivalent 5 million MNT
The amount of civilian payable for military service in 2018 was MNT 5,070,990. (five million seventy thousand nine hundred tugriks).
People in military service are involved in defense activities, preventing, fighting, responding to natural and mass disasters, protecting quarantine regimes during human and animal infestations, and participating in local development projects. .
Also approved by the Cabinet Meeting were the "Procedural Disposal of Military Service".

Government action programs are 44.6 percent

The implementation of the Government's Action Plan for 2016-2020 reached 44.6 percent at the end of 2017. According to the policy:
- Policy to overcome economic difficulties 53.9
- Policy on sustainable economic growth 39.8
- Social policy 46
- Environmental and Green Development Policy 41.2
- Governance policy is 47.2 percent.

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